Saturday, November 7, 2009


Read this paragraph online, took a while to fully absorb what the message is trying to convey.
Didn't feel like posting this, but I dun want to forget it. I dun want keep it in my computer, so, store it online.






Being the silly one sometimes can be a good thing.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From L word Season 4 Epi6

Shane: I am that kind of person when I get too close to someone I push her away.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do I really care?

There are just something that you care so much so you cant feel you care anymore.

So, If I say I dun care, it might be I care too much, or I really dun care. See how you interpret!

I do get jealous at times, but I always act in a way to make people jealous. *evil me.... kind of extreme reaction. bad bad bad.......

EYah..emotion stuff

coming to the end of semester soon. As usual, i feel nothing, or rather there are too many things I should lay my emotion at which makes me refuse to have feelings for any. Or maybe I am just a bastard who has no feelings. LOL...* laugh at oneself....

I think I laugh too much even the saddest thing in life can be a joke to me. I do have feelings or emotions towards things that are irrelevant to me. I show sympathies towards the poor family I visited during my back pack trip in China, I cried for victims of varies disasters; I care and concern 3rd world country people who are struggling in life. But, I just find difficulties in expressing emotions towards issues that relate to myself.

Someone once told me this: you have very deep threshold. You have one of the most complicated personalities that I ever seen.
LOL... yeah, life experiences and alot of things happened in life have forced me to grow up. I have learnt to protect myself by locking up emotions. I don't talk about it, because I don't think about it. Some stuffs are just nice to keep them frozen otherwise soon they will turn rotten and eventaully corrode the healthy flesh.

I am happy to be who I am. (present tense)
I wanna forget who I was.
I don't think about who I will be.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Muscle aching

Apparently I lack of regular exercise. Cooked Laksa for dinner last night, because of the over intake of calories I decided to warm up and burn my fats away... Well, if 20 sit ups counts. LOL. Plus 30 sec of warrior pose 1?!

Was checking out the limited edition PADI license, it gonna cost me 60 Aussie, fuck it la hah. When shall I take my advance dive cert?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am tired

I AM SO FUCKING TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant feel my body! or rather i feel it in a negative way?! I am not afraid of physical tiredness, so... still manageable.

- keep passion going!

* and keep on reminding myself of forgetting things that need to be forgotten; remember things that make me happy; forbid curiosity from running wild!


Had a rough count of how many blogs I ever had... to my amazement I had 6 blogssss in total! Come on la I am not someone who willing to expose my inner thoughts, or rather whatever thoughts I have. I just find difficult to share. Well, as a typical gemini i am talkative.... Extremely talkative when i am drunk especially. But if anyone pay a close attention on the content I was talking about, to his surprise I can simply bullshit all night long, without any nutricious content! LOL... it's kind of a gift too ok?!

me busy....busy busy busy.. cos wasted too much time on my puppy.... LOL....